Jesco has a complete and extensive line of Applicator Valves designed to dispense virtually any single or multi-component material of low to high viscosity, over a wide range of flow rates and pressures. Jesco has Applicator Valves that can uniquely suit the requirements of your application, whether the application requires:

  • Extruding, pouring, streaming or spraying the material.
  • Applying small drops or very large beads.
  • Extruding round or profiled beads.
  • Manually operated or robotically applied.
  • Flush tip shut-off or internal seat type.
  • Direct or reverse acting valve.
  • Spool or poppet operated type.
  • On-off or adjustable flow valve.
  • Heated or cold applied material.
  • Air, Hydraulic or Electric Servo driven.

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Ask us about a chart that tabulates information on some of the standard Jesco Applicator Valves that are available. All Jesco applicator valves can be customized to suit the requirements of any particular application with a myriad of available options. Some of the optional features available are as follows:

  • Mode indicators
  • Gun open limit or proximity switches
  • Various nozzles, brushes, pads and dispense tips
  • Optional seal types
  • Various wet seal designs
  • Optional seal compounds
  • Optional materials of construction
  • Optional hard coatings / platings
  • Pistol grip or parallel handles for manual applications
  • Electric or pneumatic trigger signals
  • Single acting air cylinders
  • Normally closed valve (spring assist) feature
  • NPT, SAE or BSPP ports